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whimsie pot prepped with Kilz

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Many of us have very busy lives requiring decision-making, prioritizing, and multi-tasking. My hope is that my Whimsie Pots inspire a little playfulness & humor to your day! Welcome to MicheleCordaroDesign and thanks for stopping by my site.


I've been painting Whimsie Pots since 1999 and have found, through trail and error, how to seal and prime terra cotta pots to avoid staining and bubbling paint. I learned the hard way back then that varnish or outdoor paints alone don't suffice! I now use a fool proof method and have a 12 year old Whimsie Pot that's just as striking as it was when I first created it!

Before a plain terra cotta pot is transformed into a Whimsie Pot, I dip them in a commercial grade, water-based, waterproofing agent. After a 24 hour curing time, I cover them with a water-based, mildew-resistant stain blocker. Once dry, I apply a coat of primer. After painting the Whimsie design, I cover the pots with polyurethane. I take these steps because terra cotta pots are permeable and not stain resistant and I want you to enjoy your pots for a long, long time! I keep a large inventory so I can process large orders for special occasions like weddings/showers with a quick turnaround.

I find inspirations for my Whimsie designs from most anyplace where color and design come together. I love creating new designs so keep checking back for new lines.


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